A Day without Skydiving

So, my wife wanted to go skydiving, and when she mentioned it on Facebook, she got another of our friends who wanted to go skydiving  to jump with her, and two more who wanted to go watch.  Our son wanted to go, and of course, I was going  to be there, and as the subject of getting there & carpooling came up, I offered the bus.

All was arranged, snacks and champagne were gathered, and we set off.  The location of WNYSkydiving was at the Pine Hill Airport, basically an hour away.

Unfortunately, the winds were too strong, and the jump was aborted, though our two jumpers didn’t get the notification.  So we ended up having a nice picnic in the bus, and heading off to Batavia, NY in order to enjoy the offerings of Oliver’s Candies, both in their ice creams as well as in their candies. especially to pick up some of the thin, colorful ribbon candy that have just entered their seasonal production.

And the trip was nice.  We skirted the edges of the Upper Stafford Marsh area along the way, making it a bit more scenic.

And after Oliver’s, we headed back home along Route 33 (which doubles up on the way as we passed Corfu).  But, being a nice, sunny day it’s a nice view (even at 4x speed).

Overall, it was an uneventful trip, likely to be repeated in May when the Skydiving season restarts.